What our Clients are saying…

“After my reading with Joan, I walked away speechless wondering how she is able to offer such pinpoint accuracy. She is professional and has a great interactive energy!”

Jennifer P.

“Joan Mahon was the first person who ever read tarot cards for me and she remains the best! Her energy is upbeat and her style is humorous, warm, and positive. I always come away feeling energized and excited about what the future holds after a reading. Joan is awesome!”

Melody C.

I call on Miss Joan Whenever life is challenging,  or changing.  Miss Joan has intuitive guidance that brings together the past and it’s influence on current and future outlook.  I have found her readings on carrier trends to be spot on – so much help navigating issues in my workplace and relationships.  Her consult often reveals ways I need to be gently reminded to carry myself forward.  Readings delivered with care.

Janice K.

I would like to highly recommend Miss Joan’s Tarot on the Hill. She has given me several readings and I have used the information to my advantage in my own life experiences. I have also attended several of her tarot card courses and find her to be an enthusiastic and enlightening teacher. She is a very good at producing a calm and focused energy and her meditation skills are great! She projects a harmonious aura and is respectful of other’s beliefs. I will be using her services again and do recommend her to anyone.   Thank you Miss Joan!


Tammy from Santa Clarita