Having trouble at work?

Issues with your boss or other co-workers?

Confused about several options?

Stuck with no direction?

Worried every day about the future?

Really big decisions with many people effected?


I can help you resolve issues, find new ways to approach the situation, find clarity when you are confused, and help you find options when there seem to be none! Getting a reading can give you the edge when entering meetings with others. You will know their motives and underlying needs, giving you the power to make deals and decisions that can offer optimum outcomes for everyone involved.

Are you having a party or gathering?

Make it special! Readings are the ultimate party favor!  I am in the southern California area and I’d be happy to come and entertain your guests! If your having a Halloween party, Christmas party, business event, Birthdays, Showers, or whatever your occasion. I’ll happily come to you! $145 an hour.

I am a mobile reader. I will come to you! In the Southern California area I will only need a little planning time. I am willing to leave town with more planning time. I’ve done readings in homes, parks, McDonalds, Starbucks and even the library! Where ever you are comfortable, I’ll be there. We can also set up an appointment and have a reading over the phone.

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